He’s the Person We Call

My uncle is what everyone considers to be the handyman in the family. Anytime anyone has something that is broken and needs repair, or something that needs to be installed, he will roll up his sleeves, grab his tools, and get to work. Since we’re all related to him, he doesn’t charge us for doing it, although we still offer him money or gifts to show our appreciation. When he fell while walking on a trail and his AC stopped working, I helped him get an AC repair in Queens, because none of the other family members knew how to do it.

I guess that’s the problem of relying on one person to do all of the repairs and installations for the family. If something ever happens to that person, everyone is left without a clue of what to do. We never thought about it before, but there will eventually come a day when our uncle won’t be there to do all of these installations and repairs, and we’ll really be up the creek without a paddle. Since we still have some time until that happens, we can at least prepare for the future, which is what I technically did when I hired the company to fix my uncle’s air conditioner.

The company that I hired for the repair did a great job with the air conditioner. My uncle certainly thought so, as he was laying in his favorite chair with the cold air blowing in the room. It wasn’t long before he was back on his feet again, doing installations and repairs for anyone who would ask for it. I hope he’s a little bit more careful when he goes walking, because we don’t want to see him injured, and I’m sure he doesn’t want to be away from his work.